Primary Program

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Primary Program

The Hoag Addiction Treatment Primary Program consists of four weeks. Each of these weeks addresses one of the following themes and includes educational lectures, group discussions, mindfulness and wellness activities, 12 step sessions and individual and group therapy.

Readiness to Change

Addiction is a progressive disease that affects every aspect of a person’s life. Patients must be ready and willing to change. Patients enter treatment in various stages of change and they must confront their denial. Patients learn to understand that they have a progressive illness and in order to begin recovery they must accept that they are powerless over their addiction. In this module, patients face important questions, like: why am I here? Am I here for myself? What am I willing to change in order to live a sober life? This treatment week will help patients explore and find answers to these questions.

Reconnecting to Mind, Body, Spirit

The disease of addiction creates a disconnection, preventing patients from being fully present in their own lives. Integrating mind, body and spirit means learning to accept, with awareness and compassion, your personal experience. This treatment module fosters a reconnection to the Self, which offers a path towards healthier relationships with others and a more fulfilling life.

Returning to Relationships

The disease of addiction leads to isolation. Drugs of choice become the most significant relationship in a patient’s life. This treatment module helps patients and their families understand chemical dependency and the impact it has created in the lives of all involved. This treatment week involves a family program which will provide tools, education and therapeutic interventions to promote hope, healing and healthy connections.

Recovery in Action

Like addiction, recovery is progressive. This treatment module helps patients build a new pattern of behavior, restoring hope and self confidence. Patients learn tools which will assist them in maintaining a clean and sober lifestyle. They will create a recovery schedule that strengthens and solidifies the gains made in the previous weeks of treatment and provides them with continuity of care as they navigate the course of their everyday lives.

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