Outpatient Rehabilitation

Hoag Addiction Treatment Centers: Serving Southern California for More Than 25 Years

When determined appropriate by Hoag’s multidisciplinary treatment team, Hoag Addiction Treatment Centers provides multiple levels of outpatient care to meet your unique needs. While the intensity of each of our innovative programs differs, the goals are the same: To empower you to develop a renewed self-image and to make positive lifestyle changes that offer both freedom from addiction and a happier, more fulfilling life. Overall, our goal is to help you establish a foundation for lifelong sobriety.

Day Treatment Rehab Program

Day treatment rehab patients attend all program activities seven days per week. In this level of rehab, patients return to their homes or other sober living environments at the end of each clinical day in treatment. This level of care is designed for patients to practice—for a limited period at night—the skills developed in the structure of the full-day recovery program.

Intensive Outpatient Rehab Program

The intensive outpatient rehab program consists of either a morning (AM) or evening (PM) rehab program. AM outpatients attend program activities six days per week, six hours per day. PM patients attend program activities four days per week for approximately three hours per day. The admissions counseling staff at Hoag Addiction Treatment Centers will discuss with you whether this level of care is suitable as a beginning point in rehab, or may best meet the needs of the patient as a graduated step-down after starting rehab in a higher level of care.

Transitional / Extended Care Rehab Program

Our transitional / extended care rehab program is specifically structured as a graduated step-down for patients completing recommended treatment at Hoag, or another treatment facility, in a higher level of care. Designed around a deeper understanding of the healing process of the addicted brain, transitional rehab allows patients to maintain a foothold in the structure of the therapeutic environment, while supporting the practice of newly developed skills in autonomous daily living routines. Offered three days per week for up to eight weeks, many patients and families find this program to be a valuable support system encouraging a successful transition back to work, school, and home life.

Committed to Ongoing Support Beyond Treatment

Our commitment to you is lifelong, Hoag Addiction Treatment Centers provides ongoing recovery management programs designed to help former patients maintain lifetimes of freedom from addiction. In addition, the Centers’ alumni group, Hoag’s Heroes, is the largest active alumni group in Southern California, ensuring a thriving network of ongoing support for individuals who have overcome, and are currently recovering from addiction.

For more information about our outpatient programs, contact the staff at Hoag Addiction Treatment Center.