Hoag’s Heroes/Alumni

Ongoing Addiction Recovery Support at Hoag Addiction Treatment Centers
When deciding which addiction treatment center to select, it is important to consider not only the effectiveness and quality of the treatment programs offered, but also that of the ongoing support that will be available once treatment ends.

It is positive ongoing support through thriving sobriety-focused relationships that best helps individuals maintain lifelong freedom from addiction. That’s why Hoag’s Heroes is such a vital component of the ongoing support available to patients of Hoag Addiction Treatment Centers and their families.

About Hoag’s Heroes
Hoag’s Heroes is Southern California’s largest active alumni group. For over 25 years, this group has enhanced the addiction recovery experience at Hoag Addiction Treatment Centers. The extended family of Hoag’s Heroes includes prior patients and their family members, all of whom are committed to supporting recovering individuals as they transition to new, addiction-free lives. The group provides support both to new patients and their families, welcoming them into a thriving 12-Step community right from the very start of their care at Hoag.

Therefore, it is no surprise that Hoag’s Heroes maintains a strong and valued presence not only at the Hoag Addiction Treatment Centers, but in the larger community as well. This highly active network of alumni and volunteers provides many sober social activities to Hoag patients and beyond, helping to build opportunities for fellowship and friendships within the recovering community. Additionally, Hoag’s Heroes provides the opportunity for ongoing accountability through weekly group meetings and one-on-one mentorship programs that support the 12-Step process.

Become a Hero!
For details about Hoag’s Heroes and how you can get involved, please call our office at Hoag Addiction Treatment Centers. For more information about our programs at the premier addiction treatment centers in Southern California, get in touch with our caring admissions counselors today. Our phone lines are open 24/7.