Addiction Recovery Support

Post-Addiction Treatment Support

Our addiction recovery experts at Hoag Addiction Treatment Centers understand that your journey doesn’t stop when addiction treatment ends. That is why we offer effective ongoing support through thriving sobriety-focused relationships designed to help you maintain lifelong freedom from addiction. Our support groups and education programs help keep you on the path to sobriety. Additionally, Hoag’s Heroes is an inspiring and vital component of the ongoing support available to Hoag patients and their families.

Support Groups

Recovery is a journey—sometimes a lifelong journey. The key to success is found in the support and affirmation of people you can trust—and people who look to you for support and trust in return. At Hoag Addiction Treatment Centers, we offer a variety of support group and educational programs to help you stay on the path to wellness.

Hoag’s Heroes / Alumni

Nothing is more inspiring and relevant than the stories our patients are able to share with each other. With the support and empathy of our Hoag’s Heroes and Alumni, our patients learn resiliency, strength and—most importantly—hope. Learn more about Hoag’s Heroes.

Extensive Family Support

The process of recovery is about much more than one person’s abstinence from drugs or alcohol. It’s also a process of self-discovery and family reunification. That’s why Hoag maintains a focus on extensive family support. One way this is accomplished is through a week-long program designed to help educate patients and their loved ones about the complex disease of addiction in order to begin the healing process within the family.

Committed to Providing Ongoing Support Beyond Treatment

Support doesn’t end with treatment. At Hoag, we provide ongoing recovery management programs to help former patients maintain lasting freedom from addiction. In addition, Hoag Addiction Treatment Centers’ alumni group, Hoag’s Heroes, is the largest active alumni group in Southern California, providing a thriving network of ongoing support. For more information about our ongoing support programs, call us today. Our phone line is open 24/7.