Patient Testimonials


On Her Road to Recovery, April Met Someone She Really Liked … Herself

April’s journey to recovery and personal happiness began in March 1995. Today, she is thrilled to be celebrating 21 years of sobriety. April says she will be forever grateful for the kindness, compassion — and most important, the life-changing effectiveness — of Hoag Addiction Treatment Centers.


With Hoag as His ‘Touchstone,’ Doug Gained an Understanding of Himself — and Learned Life is Wonderful

For Doug, one of the most important benefits of the care he received at Hoag was, “Understanding who I am. I came to meet myself for the first time. Living a better life has helped me gain an understanding of myself, and it is better than anything I could ever imagine. I realized life has a purpose, and a meaning, and that everything will be OK.”


‘I Like to Give People Hope’
For Patrick, Hope was in Short Supply for Far Too Long, but a Loving Family and Help from Hoag Renewed His Spirit on His Path to Sobriety

“I like to give people hope,” he says, adding that he is grateful for all the happy, hopeful people he has encountered throughout his remarkable personal journey. “I let them know it’s good — that doing the work is good.”


Her Son’s Sobriety Chips are Worth a Million Bucks … and Then Some

For many years, Ann watched with profound sadness as her son, Patrick suffered with alcoholism — a disease her late husband also battled before he became sober during the last 19 years of his life. Today, Patrick has been sober for 15 years, and he and Ann credit the Hoag Addiction Treatment Centers for the critical turning point in his fight to beat alcoholism. His marriage is stronger than it’s ever been, and since 2001, mother and son have volunteered together at Hoag’s aftercare program on a weekly basis.